1. Who are able to register to the Congress?

All undergraduate students are welcomed to attend the International Law Congress of Youth as participants. Unfortunately we should announce that graduate students are not allowed to attend the Congress as participants, however they can attend the Congress as listeners if they desire.

2. How shall I register to the Congress? What are terms of application for participants / attending listeners?

All participants who send papers and make presentations should add their CV (curriculum vitae) and their student certificate (backdated at least 6 months) to their application letter which should be sent via e-mail ([email protected]).

There is no any application term for attending listeners. However, it is strictly recommended that they contact us early to make their hotel reservations considering hotel capacity.

3. Is there any registration fee for the Congress?

There is no registration fee for the Congress.

4. Where shall I accommodate? Is there any accommodation fee?

Accommodation shall be provided by Maltepe University at Marma Congress Centre. There will not be accommodation fee for participants.

Listeners attending the conference shall be hosted at a special discounted rate by Maltepe University at Marma Congress Centre.

5. How shall transportation be provided?

Transportation expenses to Turkey shall be paid by participations and attending listeners.

Transportation from airports in Istanbul to the Congress Centre shall be provided by Maltepe University, which is going to be arranged according to your arrival and departure flight schedule.

6. Shall I get any certificate at the end of the Congress?

All participants and attending listeners shall be received attendance certificate at the end of the Congress.

7. Shall the submitted papers be published?

All papers shall be published in “International Law Congress of Youth” book.

8. What shall be the language of the Congress?

English shall be the language of the Congress. All papers should be written and presented in English.

9. What is the schedule of the Congress?

Congress will be on 21th – 22nd of April, 2016 at Maltepe University, Marma Hotel. On the day of 21th of April, there will be presentation sessions. In the second day of the congress, cultural and historical tour will be provided to our guests by Maltepe University.



Maltepe Univesity reserves the rights for changes and additions without notification.